Friday, March 2, 2012

4 Things . . .

Happpppppppaaay Friday!!!! This week I must admit went by pretttttty fast and I am definitely not complaining! Lots going on around these parts :)  Now for the 4 things I'm loving this week...

1. Spotted weiners! They are simply the best! Just looking at them makes my little heart ache to have one!! Look at this little cutie-patootiieeee!

2. PINTREST-- can't get enough! I seriously think I could pin all day long! My new favorite are the workouts they list-- I tried one the other night and BOY oh MY! It was crrrrazzzaaay goood!!!

3. My ALL- DAY sunnnnies! Thanks D!! You definitely can't miss them as they are bright yellow! The color itself instantly brings a smile to my face!!

4.  SALADS-- definitely taking a break from them for a while after today!! I have had them once sometimes twice a day this week!! As most of you know I do not like to let food go bad and/or throw things out, soooo needless to say I ate A LOT OF SALAD!!!

Hope y'all had a great week!!! What are y'all loving this week!!!????


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