Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Post!!!

Hey guys!!! Thanks so much for stopping by to see the sights!! I can't wait for what's in store for my blog!!  I plan to post recipes here and there, restaurant suggestions, life updates, interesting articles I come across and maybe a few more mixaroos in between!! I'm so excited to get started that I have absolutely no idea of where to actually start!

I guess I'll start with a little bit of a life update.  I just returned from an almost 2 week vacation down at the Outer Banks where I visited with both family and friends!  We shared a bunch of memories that I am sure none of us will forget.  From dance parties around the kitchen table, waking up to 30 cup, sleeping in stairwells, eating a mouthful of sand, the girls winning catchphrase by a landslide to Brendan's infamous dance moves, it was sure a vacation that will be engraved in the books! The first day back at work was definitely wretched! I could not focus on work, all I could think about was being a "grown-up" and having to work for what seems like the next umpteen million years!! Does not sounds like much fun if you ask me! But from what I hear, such is life!  So I guess this a reminder to myself and all of you to take advantage of acting like a kid and live life to the fulliest!!

Until next time,


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