Monday, August 22, 2011


I went home this weekend and boy oh boy I forget every time just how much I love being there!! There is absolutely nothing better! Not sure whether its mom's stories of vacationing and running, Dad's constant and frantic running in and out, our snuggly little pups, D's all-nighters and morning recaps (if you only knew) or watching Big sit back and take it all in its a hard toss up!!

See what I mean-- nothing better :)
The best part of the whole weekend besides sitting out on the beach with our normal crowd (minus Tuttle of course), meeting up with my family to celebrate bdays, watching a 4 hour long cornhole tournament was...drumroleeeee.... my mom, the sweetest woman in all the world (seriously-- mine takes the cake for the best mama EVERRR!!!!!!) bought me a KITCHEN AID MIXERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just can't believe it!!  Mom and I baked up a storm all weekend-- pretty much anything and everything she had in the cupboards!!  It was soooooo GREAT!! Can't wait to bake more and more and MORE!!

Miss y'all already and can't wait to be back down in 2 weeks-- well I can because there are lots of good things happening but can't wait to all be back together!!!

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