Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Restaurant Week!

If you haven't heard, it's RESTAURANT WEEK!!!!  For those of you who are unaware of what this is let me fill you in! :) You'll be glad I did!  The most prestige restaurants in the city help out us po' folks by offering a 3 course meal for a whopping $35! It's awesome-- highly recommend taking advantage of it and all it has to offer! :)  Last year Ry and I went to Chima!!  It's a Brazilian Steakhouse that has unlimited meat- sayy whatttt!!  These men decked out head to toe are constantly zooming through the tables with LARGE skewers of MEAT-- just MEAT and any kind of meat you can think of-- lamb, fillets, pork, chicken (don't waste your time-- we all know what it taste like), fish, and the list goes on!  Each table holds a "golden ticket"  You flip it one way or the other that signals these insanely fast men in some kind of crazy get up to bring on the meat or whooooa nelly hold on the meat-- you can constantly flip-- that's the beauty of it!! It's awesome!!  GO GO GO if you haven't!! Going in to it this year we knew it would be hard to beat!!

So where did we decide to go this year? The Prime Rib.  Why do you ask?  Well one because we would never be able to afford it otherwise, two because who would turn down Prime Rib and three because it was one of the only steakhouses that still had reservations open for the day and time we wanted!  It was so delicious!!  We both got salads to start things off, PRIME RIB- duh! with mash taters and creamed spinach and to finish it all off we went halfzies on the key lime pie and creme brulee.  Here are some shots from the night ;)

 Mr. Slick-willy himself! He's definitely part of the clean plate club!!

 Wining and dining- its what I do best! :)

Embarrassing but it had to be done :)

Where have y'all been for restaurant week?? Any suggestions?


Annie said...

Hey B! I love Restaurant Week, too! Last night E and I went to Mala Tang in Arlington. It's a new Szechwan hot pot place and it was delicious!! I would highly recommend the dumplings - yumm. Tonight we're off to Oya downtown. I'm very excited because I hear they have really yummy cocktails! Love your blog, babe!

Anonymous said...

Who is that hot guy in the photo????

Carr said...
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Carr said...

It was good, but does not beat CHIMA

Jess said...

I'm going to Tallulah tonight! Not the eatbar part, but the restaurant...yum!