Friday, September 23, 2011

4 things . .

1. Fall Sitcoms--so many of my favorites are starting back up and a few new ones I might just dabble with!! Here are a couple of my favs . . . What about y'all do you watch these?  What are your favs?

2. Thai Food-- for some reason this week every meal I have ate has some sort of Thai theme and shockingly enough I am not tired of it yet!! YUMM!

3.  My FEATHER!! Even though I've had it a while I've got lots of compliments from it this week  :) I'm going back to the beach in a week and will definitely add to my collection!!  My mom has one too!
4. BRIDESMAIDS the movie is out this week on DVD-- that movie is a down right HOOT!!!  Laughed til I cried in that one!! 

How was y'alls week??  What are y'all lovin this week?  I'll tell you one thing I am NOT loving is all this GOSH DARN RAIN-- GOO AWAYYY ALREADY!!!

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