Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bday week happenings and such!

Heyy guys!! Last week was soo crazy that Im just now getting time to update y'all on all the happenings!! It was down right TERRIFIC to say the least! Lots of catching up and fun dinners! Monday night Ry and I kicked the week off with some PING PONG dim sum (preview for your liking) and I must say it was quite the experience!  For those of you that are new to the ping pong world let me tell you a little something about it! The restaurant is ALL dumplings-- fried, baked, steamed, chicken, pork, duck, beef etc. The menu is laid out on as a long check list type thing.  You check beside each dumpling and write how many of each you want.  Well for starters everything is in a foreign language so you really don't have half of a clue what you are getting haha!!  They bring the dumplings in rounds. So the first round were these puff pastries that were stuffed with different things, chicken, pork, beef or veggies-- they were delicious! They have a sweet sauce glazed on that is top notch!  Our second round was fried dumplings.  We had shrimp, duck, veggie, and I believe some sort of scallop thingy again SOOO GOOD (loved the duck)!  The last round was the most interesting.  The first two rounds we could decipher what we were eating but steamed was a different ball game! We had absolutely no clue what we were eating.  We would smell each one, take a bite and yet still have no clue :) Here's one of our steamed baskets:

 I forgot to mention the cocktails-- they are made with fresh fruit and quite the summer treat!!

Tuesday night I met up with my ladies and we treated ourselves to Cava Mezze!! Check it out It just opened in Clarendon-- HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest going!!  It was awesome!  They serve greek tapas and  have all the best offerings!  We ordered lots of different things and sat around the table tasting!! My recommendations would definitely be the lamb souvlaki, beef grilled meatballs and the spicy mussles!! Since it was my bday the waiter treated us to some FINE desserts!!! Defnitintely recommend challah french toast-- it just melts in your mouth!  They also serve brunch-- definitely am going to have to check that out!
Have y'all been to either restaurant if so any recommendations??  

To cap the week off I went home to celebrate with my FAMILY!!! It was such a great time yet sad since it official marks the end of the summer-- boooooooo!! From shopping, getting feathers, cornhole and pool tournements (DAD AND I were the cornhole champions!), karaoke, bbq (lots and lots of bbq), E and Tuttle's dancing fiasco, to sitting on the beach and enjoying everyone's company-- it was the best wrap up to my bday festivities!! Love y'all!!

What did y'all do for the Labor Day weekend??

One last thing-- I know this is a long post but good luck to Big on her first week at her new job and congrats to D for finding one-- they are soon to be NAGS HEAD residents!!! :) Im so happy for y'all!  Looks like I'm the only Pope that's still holding it down for VA!! :)

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