Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Never Forget

Sorry this is a day or too late but I wanted to take the time to reflect on 9/11.  I, and I'm sure most of you, cannot believe it has been 10 years!!!  What were you doing when you learned of the attacks??

Last Friday a couple of co-workers and myself visited the Pentagon Memorial.  My friend Rachel helped raise the funding for the project and was able to see it basically from start to finish! How rewarding!!  Her last day at our firm was Friday, coincidentally it fell close to 9/11, so how fitting that she closed out by taking us to the memorial .  I am so glad she accompanied us. I would not have known half of the importance as well as the detail that went in to the memorial had she not been there.  Upon entering the memorial it looks like a bunch of benches that sit over a little pool of water, while in fact it is SO much more!!! There are so many intricate elements that you would never pick up on.  A lot of thought and thorough planning went in to the construction of this Memorial. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to visit!!  Learn more here

 The entrance to the memorial

 A quote from the board members and a list of the board members that helped make this memorial a reality.  All of these individuals lost a family member in the attacks; whether in the plane or working at the Pentagon.  They dropped everything to help raise the money to make this possible. 

They names of the deceased are not in alphabetical order; rather it is designed to walk you from the youngest hero to the oldest.  The rows indicate the age of the person and the spot on which they are placed signifies the month.  On the side of each row the year is engraved.  The youngest was a 3- year old little girl and the oldest was a 71- year old man.  No teenagers died in the attack at the Pentagon.  There is a gap in the benches that signifies this.

The direction of the bench signifies whether the person was on the plane or working in the Pentagon that day. 

Here is a close up shot of one of the benches.  The architects wanted to create a tranquil atmosphere with the water flowing and the gravel crunching underneath your feet.  In my book they did an OUTSTANDING JOB!

If you have not visited the memorial and live in the area I recommend stopping by and paying tribute to these people.  It is an awesome memorial that truly tugs at your heart strings! It makes me proud to say that I am an AMERICAN!! For those of you that have visited would you agree?

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Amanda Smith said...

Great memorial. 10 years ago I was in 9th grade and was in art class with one of my favorite teachers, and fellow Tri-Sig sister...she got a phone call from a friend who told her to turn on the TV. At that point we saw what was happening...and saw the 2nd plane hit. So crazy and sad to reflect