Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just can't get enough..

of celebrating that is!!  Turns out my bday festivities weren't over just yet!  Rachel and my boss man treated me to one last bday celebration and it was FANTASTIC to say the least!!  Rach picked the place and coincidentally enough I had just read an article about the restaurant.  It's called America Eats, take a peek!  Have y'all heard of it??  If not, sit back and let me fill you in on this little secret!  It is such an awesome and interesting concept they are showcasing!! The main chef, Chef José Andrés’ is like a mad scientist with food as I'm sure you can tell by just glancing at the menu!  He turns food in to an art, it's like nothing I have ever seen before!  He uses his unique twist on traditional classic recipes, from simple favorites like pb&j, hushpuppies,jambalaya, to lobster and crab cakes, the list goes on. Through these dishes you travel through history learning how all these recipes became favorites that we love and enjoy today! The layout of the restaurant incredible!!   The bottom floor is a casual tavern setting and as you climb the stairs to the second and third floors you are welcomed by a more elegant atmosphere. It is only around for 6 months and proceeds are going towards the National Archives museum.  I know I say this a lot but I positively absolutely recommend stopping in to take a bite! You will NOT regret it!!  Oh one more last thing the cocktails-- out of this world!! Its the same concept as the food-- you travel through history from settlers coming over through prohibition and further.  Most of the cocktails are gin based. We learned that Vodka was not introduced until the mid 1900's.  Go NOW, what are you waiting for????

 This drink is called the Moscow Mule-- there drinks were the first to be used in advertising campaigns.  Photographers went in to bars and snapped pictures of people holding these mugs drinking the drink!

 We started with some yummmy oysters! This is Jose Andre's take on Oysters Rockefeller

 Tony with his grilled corn and She crab soup-- who knew that was really lady crab meat!

 Beet salad and Gazpacho with Lobster

 Us around the desserts which I didn't mention above but like everything else they were out of this world!  We got key lime pie and Vermont Snow-- not presented in your basic form by any means!

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