Friday, September 30, 2011

4 things. .

Happy Friday everyone!! I don't know about y'all but my week has sure flown by and by golly I am soo thankful!!  BRING ON THE WEEKEND!!  I will be maxing and relaxing on the good ole coast of the Outer Banks!!  Minus the mosquito over-take I'm really excited!!  Now for the 4 things I am LOVING this week. . .

1. COWBOYS VICTORY OVER THE SKINS---woohoooo it feels good to be a cowboy this week!!  There have not been too many times that I can say that am not only loving Romo for his good looking self but rather for his skills on the field!! Lets bring on another victory this weekend boys!!!

2.  GOING HOME FOR THE WEEKEND-- ahhh its soo nice waking up to the sunlight shining in on my face and the greeting of wet puppy dog kisses!!  Here a few pics from this morning, don't worry LOTS MORE TO COME!


Little Roxanna

Roxy loves to fish with dad-- haha its so funny!

3.  BIG GLASSES-- they are all the rage these days! All the celebs are wearing them haha! So I thought I would try them out! My friends Annie and Shari ordered glasses from Warbyparker!! You pick out frames that you want to try, pay $5 and they are shipped to you in a matter of days.  You can do this as many times as you like.  Once you find the right pair you send in your prescription and you're in business.  Even though my 20/20 eyes do not require vision googles, it is sometimes fun to try them on!  Here are some pics of Annie and I-- I accidently deleted Shari's (sorry Bob) What do you think??

4. BLT's with FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!! Holy cow that little extra tid bit of the fried green tomato just adds the biggest BOOM POOW WOWW to your mouth!! It's down right incredible!!!  Ry and I had brunch at 3 in Clarendon-- AND THEY DONT SKIMP ON BACON EITHER!!! GOO AND GET IT!!


What are y'all loving this week?? Happy weekend to y'all!!

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Annie said...

Hahahahaha - you are a terrible person. Bob is mad that she's not included. Get a life.