Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two cups of coffee and a Monday later.....

Hope all of y'all had a great Monday-- mine sure flew by!! So fast that I didn't have a chance to post the weekend happenings and such.  As you've seen I was home this weekend and couldn't have had a better time!  I got to spend lots of time with mom and dad and eat like a queen!  

Friday night Mom, Ms. Liz and I had a girls night in!  We stirred up a tasty little treat for the evening, HONEYCRISP APPLE SANGRIA. (via.) We paired it with veggie pizza and a showing of Bridesmaids! 
Me and my momma

Saturday we were early to rise since we had lots we wanted to see and do. We went to fall festivals, the outlet malls, tinker shops and even ventured over to duck to check out the Carr's new pad!!  We topped the night off with our seafood dinner, football and relaxing from our big day! 

Sleepy little pups!
DEZ even joined in on the action!

Sunday's are always the hardest.  I have to pep-talk myself in to leaving!  I finally hit the road late afternoon and didn't hit any traffic- thank you Fall!  Mom is visitng my neck of the woods this weekend and I couldn't be MORE EXCITED!!  Any suggestions on fun happenings this upcoming week?
See what I mean, it's tough to leave!

Did y'all have a nice weekend-- what all did y'all do? 

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hope said...

me and nic went home this weekend for a wedding , the hardest thing is leaving my 3 year old nephew. i miss him to pieces and cry for about 2 days after leaving.