Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Over the past couple of days I have learned quite the tricks to do with mah hair piece!! Both are very simple to do and look pretty great if I must say so myself. 

1.  The SOCK bun-- that's right I said Sock! Just your basic run of the mill sock-- holes or no holes it makes no difference.  Sammay D shared this little secret with me-- it's one the Kardashian's have been hiding! No bobbie pins or annoying hair-spray-- this one is here to stay!

 My bun!-- there's a sock in there!

Bibble's bun

To create this masterpiece-- cut the foot part off of the sock-- keeping the "tube".  Roll this into a "large scrunchie" if you will.  Place your hair in a high pony-tail and slowly roll your hair over the sock until you have your bun!

2. Fish tail Braid-- another simple masterpiece but a wee bit time consuming!!

Mine turned out a bit messy because my hair air-dryed and was crazy frizzy.

The trick I found most helpful was securing the pony tail at the top before starting and then cutting or releasing the band once finished.  Separate hair in to two even sections, from the outerside of the left pull a SMALL piece of hair and combine with the right side.  From the far right side pull a small piece of hair, cross over and combine with the left side-- proceed to the bottom of your hair.

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