Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey day affair

This is one holiday my family and I will never forget..

My cute little cousin.. he just turned 1! Isn't he precious! 

First thanksgiving with The Carr's!!! SO GLAD THEY JOINED US!

My cute cousins minus one- my how they've grown up!!

All the women-folk in the kitchen!

And the men-folk catching up on the games!

To top off all the festivities Ry and I celebrated my second favorite holiday (next to my bday ofcourse!)....
This did not happen withouth lots of briving!!  Thanks Ry for all your help!!!! :)

Hope y'all had a nice holiday!!


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Kelsey said...

You got Ry to make snowflakes?!?! That is just terrific. Come see my Christmas decorations soon!!! We have an abundance of snowflakes, and my newest experiment: random sparkle icicle lights! miss you love you xoxoxo