Friday, November 4, 2011

4 things . .

It's here It's here....Friday that is!!!! This week I'm lovin.....

1. WE BOOKED A CRUISE for the BEST mama in the world to help her celebrate her old lady-age-- not look wise though ;)-- whooop whooooop!!!! We are heading down to the Caribbean! It's our first trip as a "grown-up" family!! We used to travel lots when D and I were little but as we got older sports, activites and friends made things more difficult!!!! We have the whole gang even Big and Ry!!! T minus 89 days!!!!

2. My nail polish-- at first I couldn't decide my thoughts, but after starring at it for a while I've decided its a great fall color!
 (Essie -- very structured)

3. I'm going to test the waters with the train this afternoon and hitch a ride down to the F-burg to spend time with the Carr's! I'm sure it will be well worth skipping that dagblessed traffic-- sorry 95 I will not miss you!! Ry's grandma (Maw Maw) and his cousin will be in town!! I think we're planning to attend the Oyster Fest in Urbana-- YUMMMM Perfect Fall activity!! 

4.  PUNKIN, pumpkin, pukin, however you say PUMPKIN I love it!!! From the pumpkin pie I made earlier this week to the pumpkin flavoring in my coffee, pumpkin breads, muffins, and squares oh my-- I'm loving it all!! For some reason pumpkin things just make me feel warm and toasty all over! yummmm!

Hope y'all had a nice week, what are y'all lovin this week?!


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ms.composure said...

o a cruise sounds like soooo much fun!!! that sounds like a gr8 way to celebrate!!