Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Ideas for the not so easy

1.  PAPER COTERIE-- in love!!! I have ordered a couple gifts from here and must say that I am beyond excited! The company is GREAT! Fast shipping, well executed products and great customer service!!  They have anything from recipe books, calendars, to decor and memory keepers!  Paper Coterie

2.  AMAZON MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS-- this is so awesome I had to include.  Right now Amazon is running a promotion on magazines, pretty much any and all you can think of, yearly subscriptions for $5-- nope that is not a typo!! Check them out! What's the catch-- auto renewal-- put a reminder on your calendar :) Amazon Magazine Subscriptions

3. BATH AND BODY WORKS WALL FLOWERS-- now now I know what you are thinking, I used to give those presents in middle school!! Well my friends let me introduce you to the Wall Flowers-- let's not get too ahead of ourselves and think that I am referring you to the smelly good lotions and body washes-- rather let's keep it simple!! My mom introduced me to these and they are the perfect holiday gift!! They are much much better than the GLADE plug-ins you pick up at the pharmacy or grocery store!  They last much longer and are a plug in and forget until you walk in the front door again kind of present! I have highly enjoyed mine and they go with any theme of the season! Wall flowers

4. JAR GIFTS-- for the teachers, friends, aunts and cousins you never know what to get, I recommend doing a jar gift.  What is a jar gift you may ask, take a mason jar or for that matter any jar and fill it with goodness.  Ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, hot coca, winter coffee and the like.  These are a hit!  You can dress it up with a bow or a piece of fabric under the lid.

5.  ETSY-- now this is a little unknown secret!  It is the perfect go to place for the crafty, nick knack lover!  It is a website designed for small businesses to feature there products and my oh my there are a lot of different and GREAT items!  You can search by location, piece or even category!  Amanda opened up her own shop, called Life by the Day-- we have been encouraging her for quite some time! She is so creative and can make the BEST things!! I'll have to share soon some of things she made for my apartment!! She is going to have samplings of her work on her etsy page that you can buy but she'll also take requests!  She's doing a couple gifts for me!!! CAN'T WAIT! Y'all should take a peak at her's and Etsy in general!! They have great stuff!!

Happy Monday!!


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