Thursday, December 1, 2011


.. that's right I said it! Definitely not a word you will find in Webster but one I like to use here and there when something is REALLY REALLY good! And that is what happened in my kitchen last night!! Thanks to the few culinary genius's out there for their helpful tips!!  I have been wanting to use my cast iron pan for quite some time so decided last night was as good as any! (thanks big and d and side note mom) In it I seared the steak on both sides on the stove top then stuck in the oven for a good 10 minutes at 350.  I removed the steaks from the pan to let them rest and sweat out some scallions and mushrooms in the juices adding a little cooking wine--- HEAVENLY!!!  Ry joined me and seemed pretty happy with the outcome! We topped the night off with a showing of  Horrible Bosses, (have y'all seen it?? It's pretty funny I must say!!) homemade pecan pie and egg nog ice cream! What a great little night! . . .

** as a reminder RABBIT RABBIT!! 


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