Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gets me every time!

Shewwww!! I just cannot believe that tomorrow marks the first of February and the end to the crock recipes, at least for a while that is!! So what better way to end the crock recipes than with my all time favorite dip.....BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP (low fat version)! You can cook this in the oven or in the crock-- whichever way you prefer it is sure one that EVERYONE will love! This will be perfect for THE upcoming SUPERBOWL!!!!

1 10 oz can of canned chicken (I go the can route as it requires no additional work)
2 8 oz cream cheese (low fat)
1 c of low fat ranch
3/4 c hot sauce (use as much as you like-- I prefer the color to be a dark pink)
1 c fat free cheddar cheese

Drain the water off of the chicken and combine all ingredients.  Cook in the crock on low for 2 hours.  Place in a serving dish and sprinkle immediately with cheddar cheese-- the cheese will melt and create an oh so gooey and delicious dip :) Serve with fritos or tostitos!

On another note, the end of January marks one day closer to our CRUISE and my mama bears BIG 5-0!!! AHHH I'm so excited and cannot wait to celebrate poolside with bahama-mama's in hand!


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