Friday, February 10, 2012

4 Things . . .

Happy Friday folks! Even though this has been a short week for me it sure has seemed to drag, I guess vaca has that effect on people! This week I'm loving...

MEXICAN NIGHT at the B-house!  Ry and I had quite the meal last night for supper! I treated myself to some fa-potle (for those of you first timmers this is CHIPOTLE made at home) now I must admit it doesn't have the same effect as the real deal but hey, I'll give myself an A for effort!  Ry on the other hand, had a mountain of quesadillas made from my handy dandy quesadilla maker (top-notch invention if you ask me)

This doubled in size

The Hunger Games! I know, I'm a little late joining this wagon, but nonetheless I am hooked!!

Interval work-outs! So when people tell you that you will consume copious amounts of food on a cruise they are 100% right! It was a constant food feast! Believe you me, I am in no way complaining because it was AWESOME! But let's be honest you can only do that every so often and once you do its back to the gym!  Ry and I read in the latest Men's Health that interval training is the best way to gain stamina in working out.  I tested it out last night and BOY oh BOY it is quite the work-out! Interval training includes high peaks of really tough work (I decided to sprint) followed by a low peak, now let's not get ahead of ourselves and think we're just kicking it.  You are only at a low peak for a minute to a minute in a half.  It's great but I must warn you, you will be SORE the next day!  Stretch it out after! 
**Side note is to make sure you warm up your muscles before beginning and also to alternate days of interval training. 

Lastly, CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM!!  I'm typically not a fan of peanut butter mixed in my precious ice-cream, I'm more of a plain ice cream with some nuts and/or chocolate chips kind of gal, but this week for some reason I can't get enough!  I'm loving the skinny cow version! You don't feel as guilty eating it :)

What are y'all loving this week?? Anyone have fun weekend plans??! Mine will consist of laundry and catching up from being gone, not going to lie, I'm pretty excited for it! 


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