Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back to the real world

Well friends we made it back safely from our vacation and a WONDERFUL, GREAT, OUT OF THIS WORLD vacation at that! I could not imagine a better time! We packed in every day with the most amount of fun one could have! From scooters, dance parties, bahamma mama's, water slides, BUFFETS, to mexican beaches, guacamole (hahahaha!!) and lots of bday celebrations it was sure one to remember!! Here are a couple of shots from the trip :)

 Mom's sooooo excited!!!

 First drinks of the trip!!!

 Dad couldn't see the menu so this nice lady lent him her glasses!

 So sweet!

 D and Big!

 Let the scooter games begin . . .

 The only pic I have of all 6 of us! Love you guys!

 The BEST key lime pie in KEY WEST!

 We went to the southermost pt. in the States! 90 miles from CUBA!  
**For some reason this pic flipped-- grr!

 Cooool runnings!  hahaha!!!!

 Banana cat!

 Happpy Bday MOM!!!!!! KISSY KISSY!

"bean-bag toss" winners :) Where's Carr?

Hey dad, how are the nachos?!

Mom and Ari salsa dancing!

Last night at dinner :)

Ahhhh, this makes me want to go back!! We had a BLAST!!! Love my little family! Who's in for next year?!?!


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Jess said...

ah! I want to go to Key West so badly! Looks like you guys had a blast!